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Leapin' Louie

Leapin' Louie Comedy Cowboy Show Leapin' Louie

Leapin' Louie

For a cowpoke, Louie really gets around. He's taken his homespun rope spinning to all four couners of the globe and back again. You know how hard it is to find a corner on a circle? He does now. 

The 24 meter big loop, spoken and physical comedy, lots of hilarious audience participation, that’s the Leapin’ Louie Wild West Spectacular, an original cowboy show full of character comedy, world-class trick roping, whip-cracking, and other stunts. 

We're happy to have him here to give us a show that's worthy of any stage, street or campfire. So hitch up your team and saddle up your mule, you'll want to see Leapin' Louie do his six-shooter shenaniguns right here. 

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Leapin' Louie


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