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Mama Lou

Mama Lou Strongwoman Mama Lou

Mama Lou

MamaLou is quite the woman. She rips phone books, breaks boards, pounds nails with her fists, and lifts weights with her tongue. Not exactly the kind of skill you would get a regular job with but worth sharing all the same. In fact she holds the Guinness World Recod for the most apples crushed with the bicep in one minute. All this effort has made her an inspiration to other women and girls everywhere. Men are equally impressed and are some of her biggest fans too. Bring everyone over to see Mama Lou, you will not forget it!

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Mama Lou


Friday May 26

  • 8:00 PM | Mama Lou - Strongwoman

Saturday May 27

  • 1:15 PM | Mama Lou - Strongwoman
  • 4:15 PM | Mama Lou - Strongwoman
  • 8:15 PM | Mama Lou - Strongwoman

Sunday May 28

  • 2:00 PM | Mama Lou - Strongwoman