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Sarah Kunz

Sarah Kunz The Flyin' Hawaiian Sarah Kunz

Sarah Kunz

Imagine a three-ring circus and a Hawaiian vacation had a baby -- that's the  Flyin' Hawaiian Show.  Having delighted audiences in over 10 countries and performed in 6 languages, this family show is loved around the world. With the zest and sweetness of a pineapple, grace of a dolphin, and jokes as great as your Dad's, Sara will whisk you away to the best vacation/most thrilling circus show you have ever experienced. Acrobatic hula-hoop performance, contortion, and interactive comedy and improvisation all come to an exciting finale upon a 15’ high coconut tree you have to see to believe. You've never seen a hula-hoop show like this, nor have you ever been on a holiday vacation quite as entertaining as this one.  It's the best of  both worlds so sit back, have a laugh, and enjoy the show. 

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Sarah Kunz